Capri Anderson shows off her sexy ass and tits

Friday, June 3, 2016

Capri Anderson loves to wear bikini lingerie and in her pink and blue number, she is incredibly beautiful. The fabric brings out the color in her eyes and with her brown hair falling so lovely around her face and shoulders, she is a sensuous wonderland of delights. But this stunning lady wants to welcome you in for lots of teasing fun. She fully plans on stripping for you!

Starting with her breasts, this beautiful lady strips naked and her silky skin is tantalizing and delicious. Capri Anderson is only getting started. She is ready to play and when she lets her fingers do the walking, she makes contact!

Sensuous brunette Capri Anderson loves wearing sexy lingerie. She poses and strips and shows off her tantalizing body, turning herself on as much as you!

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Capri Anderson shows off her arousing nude figure

Friday, May 27, 2016

In sexy white Twistys shirt and panties, Capri Anderson is decadently sexy. This curvy beauty smiles playfully, knowing you like what you see. She loves to strip for you, baring fine breasts and more. Her juicy ass cheeks are some of the best you’ve ever seen, before and after she slips off her panties.

This dishy brunette is feeling very horny and just knowing you are watching her is enough to drive her crazy with desire. Capri Anderson touches herself and in her mind, she sees you doing the same. It makes her pussy so wet and hungry to picture you stroking your cock!

Capri Anderson is cute and sexy and ready to have fun with you! She touches herself as she fantasizes about you watching her and it turns her on like crazy!

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Capri Anderson plays around with her sweet pussy

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In blue lacy lingerie, Capri Anderson is divine. Her slender body looks tantalizing and hot in her g-string bodysuit and with her hair tumbling around her shoulders, this babe is out of this world gorgeous! Her straps fall down her shoulders and she allows her body suit to fall, revealing her perfect breasts. Soon, she’s exposing her sweet pussy too, knowing that you love the view.

Relaxing back with her legs spread, Capri Anderson settles in for some masturbation fun. Her talented fingers know just how to move around on her swollen clit to make her pussy pulse while she moans.

Capri Anderson is aching to masturbate and she can’t wait to strip off her blue lingerie. She bares her breasts and pussy and gets busy, looking for the ultimate orgasm!

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Capri Anderson has hot sex with her friends brother.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Capri Anderson is trying to change in her friend’s room, but her friend’s brother Mick continuously bursts into the room, catching glimpses of Capri topless. Eventually, the naughty brown tressed gets fed up with Mick’s antics and trips him when he does it one last time. But she straddles him while he’s on the floor and eventually gives him what he’s been hinting at wanting … her damp snatch! Capri’s happy to swallow Mick’ jumbo shaft and let him fuck his sister’s friend!

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Capri Anderson Naughty Maid Masturbates on the Job

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Luscious and beautiful, Capri Anderson is one hot and sexy maid. She is also a very naughty one. She’s barely gotten any of her dusting done, but she’s ready to play. She hikes her leg up and flashes you her pretty pussy, knowing that once you see that, you won’t scold her about her chores. She bares her titties, ass, and cunt, sitting down with legs spread. Her fishnet stockings are the perfect touch of class as she starts stroking her ass and fingering her slit.

Capri Anderson might suck as a housekeeper, but this sexy minx definitely knows how to keep her job!

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Capri Anderson Slips Out of Sexy Yellow Suit

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Out in the pool, Capri Anderson is showing off her new bathing suit. This spicy redhead loves the attention and believe us, she’s excited to be showing off much more than the suit. This babe has an incredible body and she’s not afraid to show it off as well! She unties her top, pulling her tits out – those small natural beauties are probably already making your cock ache.

She loses the entire swimsuit quickly, wanting the air to brush along bare flesh. Of course, she wants to show you what’s between those soft thighs as well. She’s got a tasty treat in there that you’re going to be wanting more of – so sit back, lick your lips, and enjoy the stunning Capri Anderson as she spreads for you.

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Capri Anderson Slips Off Dress to Show Pussy Lips

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tantalizing temptation Capri Anderson is such an amazingly gorgeous brunette babe in her tiny dress. But this sexy lady looks even more amazing as she strips out of it, showing off long legs, bare titties, juicy ass, and finally, that tight, hot little pussy. She caresses her boobs and pinches her nipples, making them hard and feeling her pussy dampen.

The sweet seductress spreads her cunt lips apart, loving the way her pink hole looks, and gets on her knees. Capri Anderson wants to feel something long and hard in her tight cunt hole, and her favorite position is doggy style.

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Alexis Capri takes off her black dress

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Alexis Capri looks amazing in anything she wears, but in these pictures she looks absolutely stunning. Posing in a sexy black dress with a pair of black panties underneath, Alexis Capri strips off her dress and while she slightly bends over peels her panties to the floor so that we get a great view of her stunning ass.

Capri Anderson in tight blue denim shorts

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Alexis Capri.. or is it Capri Anderson.. damn these girls make it hard when they change their names all the time!, is posing in a pair of tight blue denim shorts that show off her curves, but hey we don’t want that on for long, so they slide to the floor quickly, and are soon followed by her panties as she gets herself naked so that her amazing body can be admired!

Alexis Capri with strawberries and whipped cream

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Now wouldn’t this be a treat, licking strawberries and whipped cream off Alexis Capri smoking hot body. Well, while you dream of that, check out these awesome photos as Alexis Capri, as she covers her tits in whipped cream waiting for you to lick them off clean!!!

Alexis Capri in a sexy gold dress

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Capri Anderson is posing in a gold dress in these sexy photos. Alexis Capri sits back and peels her panties to the side so that we can get a glimpse of her sweet pussy. Alexis Capri quickly strips off her dress and sexy bra and panties so we can admire her amazing body in all its glory.

Alexis Capri shows off her hot ass

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Alexis Capri shows that not only does she have hot perky tits, but she has a fine ass that needs a pounding. Dressed in tight blue jeans, Alexis Capri, slides her jeans to the floor, before taking off her panties so that he peachy ass is on full display.

Alexis Capri in a cute bikini

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lets kick this blog off with some cute pictures of Alexis Capri posing by the pool in a sexy little bikini. Watch as Alexis Capri sexily removes it all to show off her perky tits and sweet pussy.

Capri Anderson Has Romantic Interlude With Lesbian

Monday, July 16, 2012

Capri Anderson is one girlie that has a very special best friend. A lot of girls and their BFF will go shopping and share secrets and all of that other chick stuff. Capri’s best friend Francesca does a little more. The two of them find time to sneak away from the rest of the world to explore one another’s body.

Their lips and hands are everywhere. These two want to cover every inch of skin. They do it so slowly and gently though. It’s as if each time they make love it’s a new experience. The two girls compare tits, running their tongues over the pink nubby nipples.

Things heat up the more south Francesca travels. She wants to get Capri off – wants her to feel absolutely incredible. She can’t help but want the taste of her best friend’s pussy all over her lips.

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Capri Anderson Enjoys a Little Time to Herself

Monday, July 2, 2012

The cute auburn haired Capri Anderson can be such a good girl. There are times though, when she can be awfully naughty. She loves the affect she has over men – so any chance she gets to use her charm and seduction, she goes for it!

Capri is dressed in only a white sheer nightie, one that only allows you to see the outline of her body but all of those intimate spots are obstructed. Good thing the naughty little minx slips it off! Her gorgeous breasts hang there pert, tendrils of her hair cover them.

Once she’s on her bed, the panties come off! She lifts her bottom to get the white cotton to slide down. She pulls it over her knees, moving just right to continue to try and keep that bald pussy of hers from your view.

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